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Welcome in Aschersleben!

History of Aschersleben
Aschersleben was first mentioned in manuscripts as „Ascegereslebe“ in 753 and is therefore the oldest city of Saxony-Anhalt. In 1266 the settlement gained city rights and in the late Middle Ages built an impressive fortification around the city which is to this day the emblem of the old town.
In the middle of the 19th century Aschersleben grew to an industrial city. Huge factory-ensembles, buildings of the Gründerzeit (years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany), workers' settlements, green recreation areas as well as impressive school-buildings were constructed.
Since the reunification the old town has been gradually renovated and the city has been intensively rebuilt with immense success. Nowadays Aschersleben presents itself to its residents and guests as a colourful, thrifty and fascinating city. Residents enjoy a high standard of living both in the urban core and in the eleven localities.  
Aschersleben has a remarkably diverse education landscape. The downtown pulsates with life, and the economy has recovered after the crisis of the early 90s. Industrial estates have grown and given rise to new jobs.
There is a lot for tourists to be discovered: treasures of the past and the present, monuments from almost all architectural epochs, historical and modern parks, renowned contemporary art, diverse events, a zoo, a criminal panopticon and even more. See for yourself!

Cultural Highlights

  • Zoo-Festival: the 1st of May
  • Festival of the Guild and Festival of Street Music and Drummers: weekend of the Ascension Day
  • Night of senses: August
  • Ascania-Horse-Festival: August
  • Long night of culture: the first weekend of September
  • Autumn Blues Festival: October
  • Federal Satirical Cabaret Festival: the first weekend of November
  • Christmas Fair: December

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